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Overview The machine can finish measuring, filling, etc. Because of original design, it is more suitable for packing powdered material that is easy to flow, like veterinary drug, milk powder, carbon dust, talcum powder, essence etc. This machine adopts Auger filler and two sets of servo motor to control the filling amount with high accuracy. It is suitable for the filling of powder into pre-made bags and bottles or other containers. The machine is made of stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316L for product touch part. Feature 1. Servo motor and serve driver to control auger, its stable with high precise. 2. PLC control, touch screen human-computer dislay, easy to operate. 3. With dust cleaning device. 4. Adopts hand wheel to adjust the filling head height, easy to change different bottle sizes. 5. Linear horizontal type, cover small area, easy to wash. 6. Fixed auger structure, without metal pollution. 7. Use high sensitivity electronic balance under the bottle when fill, realize double check the weight(auger and electronic balance), its much more precise. 8. Adopts two lines for two heads to increase the speed. Parameter Power supply: 380V /50HZ(can be customized) Total power: 1.6KW Volume: customized Capacity: 10-80b/min Filling precision: ≤0.5% Dimension: 2000×970×2030mm(L&W&H) Weight: 500Kg