Pressing machine

Overview This machine is designed for pressing all kinds of granular materials into a round plate, and is suitable for batch production of the basic equipment. Rotary speed, the depth of the filling and tablet thickness can be adjusted. The mechanical buffer device can avoid the overload and cause damage to the machine. The machine can be another match suction powder box, through the suckers to absorb dust, avoid bonding jams, and recycle raw materials to use. Parameter
Quantity of Punch&die(Set) 17/19
Max. Pressure (KN) 100
Max length (mm) 40
Max. Depth of Filling (mm) 25
Cube size(mm) Customized
Rotate Speed (r/min) 20
Production Capacity (pc/m) 600-800
Electric power source(V/Hz) 380/50
Power (KW) 4
Outside Measurement (mm) 600*960*1750
Weight (Kilogram) 2300
Element list
Name Type Manufacturer
Electric motor 4kw-6 poles Shanghai Dedong
Transducer P/N 132F0026 Danmark Danfoss
contactor 3TB4322-OX 220V Siemens
Contactor 3TB4022-OX 220V Siemens
Relay MK2P-1/AC220V Omron
Relay MK2P-1/DC24V Omron
Thermorelay JR36B-20 Siemens
Magnetic Ballast for Fluorescent Lamp BPL9W220VB2SC Phillips
Little Triphase Breaker 5SJ63 Siemens
Emergency Stop Button AR22V2R-11R Fuji
Key Switch AR22JR-3A11A Fuji
Indicator Light DR22E3L-E4G Fuji
Travel Switch LX19-001 Shanghai Huatong
Fan FK3321.100 Shanghai Leipu Electric
Control Button AR22PR-210B Shanghai Huatong
Register In accordance with appliance eg:40:1×30 Shanghai Handwheel Revolution
Rattle Ware DR22BS-220V Fuji
Switch HGS-25-24 Mingwei
Screw Fuse Porcelain Base RL1-15 Shanghai Huatong

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