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Machine General Description It is one of the best Doypack Packing Machine Form-Fill-Seal doy pack pouch , good for regular doy pack pouch, pouch with reclosable zipper, spout & cap, hanging hole, different shape. Full servo technology machine ,fast in packing, stable in operating, Durable machine with reasonable price. Flexible to fill and pack various product such as liquid, viscous liquid, sauce and paste etc. Hundreds machines already served in Food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, household, chemicals and pharmaceutical industry. Characteristics 1)PLC control, English and man-machine interface, operating easy and simple maintain. 2)Advanced photoelectric sensor tracking system and servo motor pull for precise bag width and position of film. 3)Versatile machine could make doy pack bag with zipper or spout , unique bag shape could be designed according to require. 4)Independent digital through temperature controller for vertical and horizontal sealing, intuitive and accurate. 5)Easy and fast adjustment of change over, the machine has strength extensibility, could fill two or even more products into one bag by added filling device . 6)Smooth performance and low noise, perfect package appearance, Sensible safety device and no pollution during production to get Friendly working environment. Technical Specifications
Model BW-180S
Measuring range 0-2500 ml are customized
Measuring method Electronic scales
Bag size Length 90-280mm  width80-180mm
Capacity(max) 40-50 bags/min
Control style PLC+ English touch screen
Power 8KW
Power supply AC 380V 50Hz
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Weight N.W.:2150Kg
Dimensions(mm) 5600(L)×1210(W)×1800(H)
Bag shape Stand up pouch
Flowchart Of Machine Flowchart Of Machine
No. Work steps                              Functions
1 Set up film Compressed air control loading and uninstall roll film, very easy
2 Store film Storing 30 meters film, no need stop machine when exchanging new filmSo this construction make machine work continuously
3 Punching hole Punching holes in film for making bags with hang hole
4 Pull film Make film move in one trace
5 Make bags Make film into a certain shapes
6 sealing Sealing moulds with high temperature, make film seal together
7 Flatten bags Flatten bags, ensure bags in good position
8 Pull bags Servo motor system pull bags and get to accurate position
9 Separate bags Cutting bags and separate them one by one
10 open bag Vacuum open bags
11 Flushing bag High pressure compressed air make sure bags full open
12 filling Different filling heads for different products, and a related feeding systems
13 Add spout Choose or not
14 Welding spout Choose or not
15 Top sealing Sealing bags after filling
16 Cold sealing Make sure sealing line good looking
17 output Conveyor belt bring products one by one