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Weighing part The machine has area of 4 square meters with a safety barrier and stairs .In order to prevent slippery and clean, it adopts decorative pattern aluminum and iron to make platform. This platform is beautiful, strong, has prevent slippery mesa, practical and safety. Mainly made of 304 stainless steel which is clean and health. Most of all, the machine equipped with electronic combination weighing machine. It is important equipment for the automatic quantitative packaging system. Feature High precision digital weighing transducer make accurate measurement can be realized. * LCD screen operating system realize Chinese/English and many other languages operation. * IP65 level waterproof and dustproof type design. All parts use stainless steel, the clean and hygiene. The seal design is to prevent the accumulation of material and convenient to clean. * According to the characteristics of the materials by measurement, fine adjustment the hopper entrance speed of open and shut , prevent breakage and material get stuck. * Strong automatic statistical functions, record the index of the total package number, pass rate and single bag error of each batch of production. Packing part Using micro-computer controlling, which is easy to predominate running state, trouble state, operation order, and production state. In the cause of film pulling, it is stable, and with high accuracy orientation. Lubricating is not needed it is possible to revise parameter and adjust position without stopping the machine. Using temperature controller to keep temperature of hot seal unaltered to use dent form sealer to seal film highly series is equipped with automatic trouble alert to find product to be cut by knife, film wrapping not to run exactly and film to be used up etc. Hot ribbon printer can equipped for expiration and the lot number. Specification
Model BW-5000
Packaging speed 5-50b/min
Bag size L: 60-300mm(can be customized)W:60-200MM(can be customized)
Air consumption 0.5/0.6
Max foil width 720mm
Power 220/50/3.5
Dimension 1680X1600X1850