Boxing machine

The boxing machine can finish automatically folding leaflet, opening box, pushing product into box, printing batch number, and sealing etc. It is applicable for packing various solid regular objects like eyedrop, medicine board, cosmetics, and cookies etc.

1. Different sizes of cartons can share one machine by adjusting, easy operation.
2. The leaflet can be 1-4 folders.
3. With detection and rejection function if no product or cartons.
4. Printing batch numbers synchronously, can print 2-4 lines
5. Shows malfunction, alarms and stops automatically, and shows how to operate and maintain it.
6. Shows speed and counts automatically.
7. Can be connected to other machines to form automatic packing line

Capacity 50-100 boxes/min
Box material Carton paper
Carton paper quality 200-400g/m³
AIR pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa
Power 2.5KW
Machine dimension 2200-1200-1800mm
Voltage AC380/220V, 50/60HZ(customized)

1. Steel seal printing

The max number of printing row is 3: normaly one row producing date, one row expiry date, and one row special code.

If need other printing type, we can design for you. Leave message to us!

Paper folding steps:

2. Paper instructions

If the product has paper instruction in the box, the machien can adopt a device to fold and insert it into box automatically. Like medicine, cosmetics, etc.


3. Glass cover

Whether the glass cover needs to be installed, up to you.


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